Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 1: Me Likee

I've played four Double or Nothing (DoN) tournaments today. Won 3, lost 1 - and the loss was one of those flukes: AKs vs. AKo, the villain caught runner runner spades to hit a miracle flush. Hey, what can you do. But I "won" the other three, and that ain't so awfully bad.

The play on these tables, apart of course from the idiots, is very conservative. Lots of folding to strength. It kinda has the feel of play at the bubble: people tend to have a whole different concept of "is it worth it" than a winner-take-all or a tourney heavily weighted towards first place.

As I mentioned earlier, the DoN tourney rewards patient play but I like a turbo game. The play is slow enough - and PokerStars is slower than FT anyway - so the turbo element pushes things along nicely.

I'm going to build my bankroll organically, if I can, and take my chances at the $50-ish level. If I can stay in the top half of the table at that level, I could actually grind out a living there - at least enough of one to get Toots off my back about going back to work!

It has potential, friends. It does seem like a backdoor entry into the world of professional poker, but being a grinder is more about patience than flash anyway. And if nothing else it'll give me something to write about, a reason to rise before 11, and maybe a couple hundred bucks in folding money at the end of each week.

Of course, this could very well be the unreasoning optimism of 3:56 AM - we'll have to see. Watch this space for further info.


  1. Keep us posted how you do....

  2. Double or nothings aka Survivor tourneys and turbo too? Begone foul dwimmerlaik.

  3. So if it's a double or nothing, to win $200 you have to invest $200, right? Just trying to wrap my brain around this game.

  4. @Jo, yes, here's the recipe:

    1. Insert $10 (recipe can be doubled).
    2. Play 45 minutes of conservative, ABC poker.
    3. Remove $20 (or $40 if recipe doubled).

    It's like a machine that spits out money, kinda slowly. As long as you belly up, you can catch all the cash you want. And remember, once I build my bankroll sufficiently I'll be swimming in the $100 waters.