Monday, August 14, 2017

Bad News

I just found out that an old poker blogger buddy died today. Herb Gaasche, better known to this little corner of the webz as "Wolfshead," was 61.

He first came to my consciousness as a man with an acerbic wit, whose barbed tongue initially so rubbed me the wrong way that I asked him if he would be interested in stepping outside, as it were, and discussing the matter in person, as men sometimes do, if we were ever in the same city. However, I soon got attuned to his frequency, and he to mine,  and his comments on my blog were always welcome, always smart, and frequently funny.

I asked him a lot of questions about his health, as he and I have a common experience with strokes, and I valued his input on the matter. I admired how he made the best of a decidedly bad situation and kept on doing the things he liked to do for as long as his body allowed him to do them.

He also took very good care of my friend Josie, chauffeuring her and providing companionship in an unfamiliar city, for which I am extremely grateful.

I never got the chance to meet Wolfie in person; that's my loss. He leaves a family that loved him, and a host of friends uncounted.

So long, buddy.


  1. I was fortunate to meet Wolfie in person back in March, 2012. His health was in bad shape, even then, but we had a nice visit any way. He was definitely one of a kind.

  2. Nice sentiment - I'm sure Herb would enjoy how much his poker friends are thinking about him this week.


  3. Ha - a crafty vs Wolfie fightning match would be one for the ages. The loser gets Josie? Mwahahahahaha!

  4. Wolfie was a dear man underneath his crusty exterior. I was fortunate enough to get to know Wolfie quite well. We had a lot of good times; with me pissing him off. :) My only regret is that I didn't visit him when he was very ill at the end. It's a big regret cuz I KNOW how much seeing me again would've meant to him and I don't say that to be arrogant (though I am).