Sunday, November 21, 2010

Goddamn Germans

Hitler, you fucking faggot

Not ALL the Germans, mind you.  Just the ones that commented on my site - advertising, as near as I can figure, sexy chat.  Besides the fact that speaking German sounds like gargling lye, I can't think of anything worse.

Anyway, since I'm now a target of The Spamming Hun, I have to turn on comment moderation. Since so few of you comment, I do not see this as an imposition.

Until next time, please remember never to start a war on two fronts if you want to conquer Europe. I'm talking to you, Shickelgruber, you fucking asswipe.


  1. I may not comment often, but I do enjoy reading your posts (including this one, after the first line). As a gay guy, I'm not a huge fan of being compared unfavorably to the insane socioathic genocidal leader of the Nazis, but I'm a little sensitive that way ...

  2. "please remember never to start a war on two fronts if you want to conquer Europe."

    What the hell would one do with Europe if they conquered it? Assume more debt? :)

    Enjoy reading your blog Southpaw.

  3. lol @ emo Hitler

    Hope you don't consider this spam, no sexy chat I promise. Was just wondering if you'd be willing to swap blog links with me? I've already added you to mine @


  4. Might be the Most desirable subject that i read all day?

  5. @Grange, you have no idea how conflicted I am on this. I'm mindful of the fact that you're a little tweaked because I used the word faggot to describe Ol' Ass-Face. Being a reasonable-sounding guy I have to assume that sentiment is genuine and that there are probably others who are even more offended. So on that front I owe you an apology which I hereby offer: I'm sorry.

    However there are two ameliorating factors which I'd like to cite as a means of pleading my case: One, you cannot deny that "Faggot" has taken on a second meaning, "sissy," or something similar, that is only thinly related to its original meaning. Do we remove words from our library because ONE of its definitions is offensive? It's a real question, I don't know the answer.

    And two, I think we give words too much power anyway. Read this, it's one of the first posts I did:

    Thanks for reading

  6. @James, welcome aboard, thanks for reading. Just headed over to your site and am now following you. Nice stuff!

    @FYOG - thanks man, appreciate that.

  7. Gary, Toldya it was offensive! And "one of it's definitions is offensive." Um NO, not one of them, the main definition. imho

  8. @Josie, as always I appreciate your input but I'll take my guidance regarding "faggot's" impropriety from a gay person.

    I will however discontinue use of that word, and replace it with: