Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Good Day

This evening I played the Very Josie, about which more later, but earlier this afternoon I decided I'd play a tournament to build up the ol' eye of the tiger, or whatever sports-themed catchphrase drivel you can contrive. Anyway, I played an $11, 45-person tournament and won the whole thing. Woo-hoo! Just the thing for a shrinking account.

Thus emboldened I joined the Very Josie with a light heart and a fat ass, only one of which was altered by my afternoon's win.

If you've never played the Very Josie, first Wednesday of every month on FT, it differs from many tournaments in that first and foremost it's a fun time. Everyone knows each other, we are polite to newcomers, we laugh, we joke, we rank on each others' games, it's generally a REALLY good time.

That said the quality of the poker is very good and nobody gives too much ground in the name of "a friendly game." So to do well at it requires concentration and focus, two words that in this context mean the exact same thing.

Bottom line, I won the Very Josie for the first time, and have thus earned (in addition to about 46 bucks) a T-shirt that undoubtedly is too small for my gargantuan torso.

I'd like to give a shoutout to my boy Wolfie who caught the most bizarre bad luck I've ever seen. In this tournament he had the winning full house counterfeited by quads, not once but twice. The first time, I was the ultimate beneficiary; at one point we were heads-up, I was holding A10 and he was holding 1010, if memory serves. The flop came QQx, so he was holding two pair to my garbage. The turn came a third queen, so now he had Queens full of tens to my two pair. The river queen showed quads on the board, and my ace-high counterfeited his pair. Ugly. Just ugly. Look - I know that you can't win a tournament without some things falling your way, but I've never seen someone lose with a full house to quads twice in an hour. Wolfie, man, I feel your pain.

But for me, like I said, I won two tournaments outright in a single day, had a bunch of laughs that are always appreciated, and dined on Tootsie's turkey soup, which is as sublime a foodstuff as exists on this planet, despite its windy side-effects. Effects, by the way, that I am still having fun with. Today, in short, was a good day.

Until next time, please remember, if you're ever at my house and we're serving turkey soup, to sit near an open window.


  1. Cpngrats on the win.

    Don't feel bad for Wolf. He should know better than playing with crap like full boats.

  2. I got a gary sized shirt just in case and I am sure it'll fit. Congrats on both wins!