Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Defense of Doctors

Has the world turned completely upside-down?

I never thought I'd be writing a post that rallies to the defense of doctors, for the love of Benji. I fucking hate doctors and hospitals; always have.  My mom is a nurse and if you ever want to find an honest appraisal of doctors, all you ever have to do is find a nurse willing to tell the truth.

There are always exceptions but usually, doctors are prideful, arrogant little shitstains with God complexes and small dicks. They accommodate their God complexes by protecting and cultivating a giant ego; and they compensate for being small-dicked by buying Porsches.  Yes, they do an important job but so do many other men and women in the world and don't expect to be worshiped in return.

As a matter of fact, a friend of a friend, who also blogs, got some bad news recently, and that's a shame.  She mentioned how the doctor went past clinical and was downright cold with the news he had to deliver.  Typical doctors - doing what they do best, which is apparently not giving a shit about anyone else's emotions.


Well, let me give you an example from a recent interaction with a doctor, when one of them had to tell my family that the old man had given up the ghost. This guy had to walk into a room where my family sat, chewing our nails, expecting the worst possible news. He walked in, told us that after a solid 1/2 hour of trying to resuscitate him, they finally had to pronounce him dead. The news devastated us, paralyzed us, stunned us into oblivion.

But that doctor had to excuse himself after less than five minutes, and go back to work. He didn't have the luxury of being upset, or sad, knowing that someone died and left a family to uncomprehending grief. He had to get himself together and be ready to fix the next problem that walked through the door.

They're cold, unfeeling bastards, yes.  But they have to be. So although I hated them before, and I hate them still, I'm prepared to give them a pass on how emotionally unavailable they are.  They really do kind of have to be that way.


  1. As cold as some doctors are, I find the opposite is true in nurses, the true caregivers to the sick.

    1. Josie, not only are you correct, but now my mother loves you even more than she did before!

  2. I used to be an emergency medical technician and firefighter and I can vouch for the fact that disconnecting your emotions or reverting to "gallows humor" was often the only way to survive seeing some of the things we saw.

    1. Yeah, and knowing me, I'm sure I would be the worst offender of that sort of behavior.