Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Foxwoods Tomorrow - Really this Time.

Didn't go to Foxwoods today. I tried to change my sleep schedule such that I could get up at around 8AM after having slept, say, five to eight hours contiguously - but I couldn't quite get that done in the time allotted. So, no big deal, I go tomorrow, and I don't expect the Tuesday crowd is materially any different than Monday's.

Rob gets the comment of the day award for today, by suggesting that perhaps instead of 'table bully' that behavior should be termed 'asshole.' It is the rare comment that actually makes me laugh.  Also Rob brings up a point: there is such a thing as being a table bully, it's when you take advantage of a huge chip stack by buying pots (I always termed them 'chip bullies', but close enough, close enough).  It's maybe not the nicest thing to do but it's a perfectly valid strategy in both cash and tournament games. And of course I'm not talking about them. 

So I'm throwing it out there:  Either I am unfamiliar with what the poker world calls that guy, the asshole in my previous post, or there really isn't a name for it yet. So I propose that we, as a group, determine what the term is if it exists, and if it doesn't exist (hell, even if it does), we make one up. Drop me a comment with your favorite one - I'll start it off with the first comment to this post.

In other news, I rescued my bracket from certain destruction when Toots told me that Syracuse wasn't playing with a full squad because of eligibility issues.  I had just enough time to change my bracket, which had the Orange taking the whole damn thing, to give my pick to win it all to a deserving team.  I gave it to...

I gave it to...


Fuckin Duke.  OK?  That's right; out of the frying pan, into the fire. As of right now, I'm fourth out of 55 in the pool that my wife's work started - but let's just say I peaked a little early. I don't expect good things to happen there.  The sad tale of my bracket thus ends as it began - with nothing but a fool's hope of success to bear it through. 

On the weight loss front, I was struck today, and not for the first time, at how much better Toots's clothes are fitting her.  Her progress is now unmistakable but she'd still prefer not to really discuss it, lest she give it the jinkies. You know how it goes.

We're eating well, still avoiding the stuff we need to avoid.  About a week ago, I think it might have been the day after Pearl died, that we decided that we needed some comfort food.

"How about some homemade Hamburger Helper?" I asked, and it stopped us both dead in our tracks.

Because we could do this.  I went to the store and got some whole-wheat low GI pasta, we already had the extra-lean ground beef, and had plenty of cheese and enough cream to get the job done.

I would not call the resultant product completely healthy - but neither would I call it high-sodium pre-processed garbage, which is what you get in a box.  I figure we saved 1,000mg of sodium alone, in addition to saving our bodies the indignities of the mystery chemicals to be found in boxed food. And it was so much better than out of a box, I can't even tell you.  It was just what the doctor ordered and well within the boundaries of an acceptable indulgence.

Well, gonna wind down, gotta get to sleep reasonably early - and by that I mean before 6AM.  hopefully by this time tomorrow there'll be a trip report.  Wish me luck.


  1. Replies
    1. Hopefully - we'll know in eighteen hours. Thanks for the thought tho Light.

  2. Awesome on the weight thing.

    You know you can play poker at any hour at Foxwoods. It is ALWAYS busy. ;)

    As for the asshole who tells everyone how to play.. normally they are called the "Table Captain". http://pokerterms.com/table-captain.html.

    See the interwebs knows all! All Hail the Great and Powerful Google! If you want to go with asshole I will not stop you though.

  3. That's the beauty of Foxwoods ... the games, the tables bullies, the fishies, the assholes, they're all there whatever day you choose to go. But, I was jealous yesterday and now will be jealous today as well!

    I have no names for the bullies you described so well in your last post. I defer to the more clever and creative among your loyal readership.

  4. Snaps for Tootsie! Yay! It's HARDER for women. It just IS.

    1. No argument from me - I've seen it first hand. And kudos to yous toos, btw - there's less Josie around these days too.

  5. Wow, thanks for the kudos. Glad I made you laugh.

    I'm not sure that "Table Captain" is exactly what we're looking for, based on the link. That seems to be more for someone obsessed with the rules and procedures, Waffles. What Gary is describing is more of a know-it-all, egotistical, narcisstic I'm smarter and BETTER than you type of thing.

    If you don't like asshole, how about "Obnoxious, loudmouth, know-it-all"?