Monday, February 13, 2012

For Lucki Duck

Lucki Duck found a sample Wonderlic test to take online. In his honor we'll call it the Wonderduck Test. Here's my result:

Quiz Concept by Nicholas Creative

Read the original article here. And bear in mind I'm not 100% certain that being told that I'm smarter than Eli Manning means much. The phrase "King of the Dipshits" springs to mind.


  1. Don't get too smug G-Man. You may have beaten my score, but I'm pretty sure you were copying off my paper. (At least the correct answers.)

    "Smarter Than Eli." Sounds like a nice epitaph :)

  2. Darn, you ruined my joke! I was just about to say that being smarter than Manning is like being prettier than Roseanne Barr, which by the way, you are totally prettier than her. Just sayin'.

  3. I'm not entirely certain I need to copy off of someone's paper to find out the name of the ninth month...but it does call into question those that have low Wonderlic scores. What kind of idiot doesn't know the ninth month of the year?

    And @Jo, re: being prettier than Roseanne Barr, thank God one of us is. She-DAISY!

  4. You got asked the ninth month of the year? All of mine were math questions like, "Jon is planning to travel 500 miles by car. His friend Bill offers to sell him an additive for his fuel that costs $20 and will save him 50 cents for every 25 miles he travels. If he has a coupon for $4 off the price, is it a good deal?"

    I did not get 40...and am embarrassed to say what I really scored. I'm going to retake it.

    So, Gary, you weren't the Powerball winner were you? (I assumed there was a good chance you were since Rhode Island is small.)

  5. JT, no, I didn't win the powerball, I don't usually play. Although funny enough at 250 mil it's probably an odds play to participate, wouldn't you think? I'm not familiar with the numbers, but maybe someone out there is...