Monday, February 13, 2012

Distributing Some Link Love

So looking over the list of blogs to whom I link I realized that there are some blogs to whom I should be showing the love, and don't; my apologies to those types. Also a few new friends here whose blogs I've been enjoying; they get the love too. Forthwith then a shoutout and a promise that the link love will flow:

* DuggleBogey. How did I miss this? Always a good read.

* JT88Keys. A self-described computer guy, he augments his pile by doing music stuff. And, as a sofa guitarist, making money by making music automatically makes you cool and me jealous.

* The Poker Grump. A shocking omission on my part. Dude, I've been reading you for years. Your analysis is particularly helpful to me.

* The Neophyte. Like Grump, you've been a regular read for a long time. Sorry for the oversight.

I think that's it. Watch for the links to come up soon. Reciprocal love appreciated but not necessary.

Watch this space for a late-night post describing the action at the re-launched Very Josie, who but for my ineptitude with software-based drawing tools would have a cool new logo right about now.


  1. Id distribute love to that group to but in a different way. Hubba hubba

  2. Thank you for the shout out. Very much appreciated.

  3. Oh no...I just started that blog and now you're going to force me to try to be all entertaining and shit now that I know someone actually might read it.

    Guess it's time to make updating it a more regular chore.

    I haven't started a blog roll yet, Gary, but when I do you'll definitely be on it.