Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eight Jobs I Might Dig

I want to be one of these guys:

The guy who drives the driving range ball retriever

The DMV Guy

Quality Control Engineer

Urchin chimney sweep from Dickensian England

Professional Guy-Who-Sings-O-Canada-for-the-Canucks Impersonator
(would need to gain a few pounds - er, kilograms - for this one)



Blind Mouse

Anybody know anyone in any of these fields, please let me know.  But bear in mind I'll need to take next Tuesday off.  And I don't work past 5.  And don't piss-test me.  And I'll need a wet-bar in my cubicle.  And throughout the year I'll be letting you know of several dozen Jewish Holidays you might never have heard of, but that I'll need off nonetheless.


  1. It's uncanny how much you look like the guy in the tux....and the guy who rides my bus in the morning!

  2. All too true...but I'm still waiting for a picture of your bus-mate.