Thursday, September 15, 2011

Calling all Bostonians (Pokah Dave, I'm talking to YOU!)

Any Bruins fans out there? Anyone want tickets? I'm conducting my annual ticket choosing dealie with my little circle of friends, acquaintances, hangers-on and sycophants.  One of them dropped out this year and so I have as many as 10 games to give.

  "Just take the fucking picture already"

view from my seats

in-seat entertainment

The tickets are balcony 301, row 8, seats 9 and 10 - directly on the red line.  Literally, one seat is to the left of the red line, the other is to the right.  Josie's sat in my seats many times - Jo, chime in with your opinion of the seats if you like.  For the money they're the best seats in the house.  And speaking of money, that's the best part: with my fees, and a few bucks profit per ticket, I'm selling them for $48 apiece, which is WAY below what you could get them at the box office.

Anyone interested in buying a game or three?


  1. A smart man looking for a seat recommendation would GIVE ME A LINK in the post! But that's okay, at least you're pretty. :P

    The seats are great, in the middle of the ice in the lower balcony I think.

    Speaking of in seat entertainment - there's a 90 lb crazy lesbian who has the next seat over. I wonder if she renewed her season ticket too. If I remember correctly she had a single ticket right?

    Live hockey is so much better than trying to keep up with it on TV, but they fight toooooo much!

    I highly recommend them! Always a great time and right in the midde of the action.

  2. Link whore.

    BTW: Ix-nay on the Esbian-Lay, she's Azy-Cray...

    Thanks for the endorsement, cute thing.

  3. You selling two tickets to a game? What dates? I would love to take the boy to a hockey game. He got so into the Bruins last year during the playoffs.

  4. If you don't much care about which game, wait until my regulars pick theirs and there should be 10-15 games to pick from. If you want a specific date, let me know and I'll see if I can accommodate.

    You won't be sorry, W. Good seats and USUALLY no titty flashes, although once a couple on my right executed a perfect under-jacket handjob that we all ridiculed. Actually I should post about that!