Friday, January 7, 2011

Josie is very sweet

...but that was not my opinion a few hours ago.

I won the most recent Very Josie, my second win there in as many months. I joined Memphis Mojo as the only multiple winner, which is honorable company indeed. When I won this most recent one, my first thought (after realizing that my nest had been feathered to the tune of eighty bucks) was that I would be getting a second Very Josie T-shirt. But apparently, nope. I got an email from Herself, stating "You ain't getting another Very Josie T-shirt."

Well, shit. I wanted to get a picture of me rubbing the two T's all over my body, but that was just one more dream denied. She said that instead of a shirt she'd buy me a cookie or something, some small sweet.

Wheee. I'm 75 pounds overweight and I need a cookie like I need a second dick. So I wasn't that psyched about the material end of things, until I showed up at her dining room table tonight (Thursday) and she drops me...

she drops me...

a bag of gummy bears.

I love gummy bears, really I do. I never have them because they're pure sugar and they're not great for my teeth, but I just love love love them. When I saw them, it all kind of went blank. I gave her a great big hug, and I think I cried just a little bit. She knew I loved them, and she got them just for me.

Better than a T-shirt. Josie, not only is all forgiven, but next time I see you I'm planting a great big gummy bear flavored kiss on you. So be ready for it. Pucker up, boo boo!

Until next time, please remember that t-shirts are overrated.


  1. Wow, what a pleasantly surprising post! I knew you'd like the gummi bears and I'm already puckered up for my kiss.

  2. Well since I won't see you until AT LEAST tomorrow, best unpucker or get a muscle cramp!

  3. Ha - you obv don't know the power behind my lips. :)