Wednesday, September 22, 2010


1. The Isles of Langerhans are:
     a. in the South Pacific
     b. off the coast of Norway
     c. now independent, but at one point part of the Soviet Union
     d. wherever you are, baby. Wherever you are.

Answer: D. The Isles of Langerhans live in your pancreas.

2. "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" is:

     a. incomprehensible.
     b. misunderstood.
     c. obsolete.
     d. not even English, for Chrissake.

Answer: C. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny is the scientific theory that an embryo going through its development (ontogeny) goes through all the physical forms (recapitulation) of the adult creature's evolutionary path (phylogeny). It was accepted science in the 19th century, but has long since been debunked.

3. A "cleek" is:

      a. a golf club.
      b. the name the British assigned to the Daschund while they were at war with Germany.
      c. a machine used in sausage-making.
      d. style of moustache.

Answer: A. It's an old golf club, more loft than a driver but less than a 1-iron. History records it was a bitch and a half to use.

4. The word "assassin" originated from:
      a. a body part.
      b. sex.
      c. drugs.
      d. rock and roll.

Answer: C. The original Assassins were Arab hired killers, and they were rewarded for a job well done with the drug that inspired their name: Hasish.

5. "Pruno" is:
      a. corrosive but effective.
      b. illegal but common.
      c. colorful but tasteless.
      d. kid-friendly but prone to staining furniture.

Answer: B. Pruno is prison liquor. Get a bag, a bunch of fruit, some sugar, and a heat source. Let sit a few days. Strain, re-sugar, maybe skim off the mold, and re-heat. A few days later, Pruno. It's either drunk or sold for a buck a glass. Reports indicate it's vile, but it does get you mildly buzzed.

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