Monday, July 26, 2010

Where do they FIND these people?

So it's about 4:45AM, and of course I'm awake.

Earlier in the evening I watched an episode of To Catch a Predator, a special in which they go into detail about the various twitchy scumbags who get caught in the sting.

They walk into the living room, these asshats, to find an uncomfortable conversation and an arrest instead of a 14-year-old boy or girl. They're the lowest of the low - like the 61-year-old dude with COPD who gets his rocks off by diddling a pre-pubescent kid who has no idea what the real world is all about.

(see the title of this post)

They walk in that door and their lives are ruined, and I couldn't be happier. Some people deserve everything they get.

Then I flip over to watch Cheaters. That's another show that gets its juice based based on watching society's lowest ebb collapsing, two people at a time. Black, white, asian, hispanic, pink or purple, the name for these people is GHETTO.

(see the title of this post)

The one guy that caught my attention was a scrawny white dude with little zippers cut into his hair. Gets caught red-handed with his arm around another girl, this fuckin genius, and decides that HE's the one who's been wronged. He gets mad because "the other girl" decides she's had enough and gets in her car, so he...kicks in her window and tries to pull her out bodily.

(see the title of this post)

Then, the original girl starts berating him about being a man (or not being a man). He contemplates his next move carefully, draws a deep breath...

...and punches her, hard, right in the face, breaking her nose and sending a spray of blood to the street. I have barely enough time to absorb that horrible sight when they jump-cut to the same dude as a talking head (this apparently happened a few episodes ago; they were doing a "where-are-they-now" segment). He says that he and his girl got back together for a few months but it "ended up not working out."

This 138-lb soaking wet asshole with ears cold-cocked her AS HARD AS HE COULD, right in the moosh, and broke bones. She then weighed all the alternatives and went back to him.

(For the love of God, see the title of this post)

What kind of fucking scumbag hits a woman anyway? You just don't do it. If you're not married, and you can't stand the old lady, you just cut and run - just say goodbye. If you're married, you give her half of your shit and THEN say goodbye. It's expensive, but so is assault and battery. I can't believe there are people in the world that need to be told this.

(see the title of this post)

And then I think, that dude got paid, twice, because of this; he signed a waiver to show his image in the original show, and got paid for his follow-up interview. That he could profit off of his boorish, thuggish, cowardly behavior makes me saddest of all.

I'll close the way I opened: Where do they FIND these people?


  1. They go out and turn over a hell of a lot of rocks because for some reason people like you seem to be fascinted by watching them. just remember one thing. If you weren't watching the asshole might still be hitting his girlfriends but he wouldn't be getting paid for it. (Sorry, not implying anything against you in particular, just do not see the fascination people in general have with these reality shows.)

  2. Wolfie, before addressing your comment let me say first that the two phrases you want to avoid at all costs in polite discourse are "People like you" and "You know what your problem is?" Please remember that no conversation ended well that began with either of those phrases.

    Having said that, you are belaboring under the false assumption that at 0430 one has any control over what he watches. There are some very real muscle control issues that impede one's control over the clicker. It's not my normal viewing fare, b'lee dat.

    And based on the commercials they show during the program (personal injury lawyers, payday loans, psychic friends hotline, etc.), it's pretty clear that they ain't aiming at me - which, by the way, suits me just fine.

  3. Oh, I can believe that about losing control at 4:30 however my changer thumb runs more to the cheesy Sf/fantasy films with the rubber monster suits and gratuitous lesbian make out scenes

  4. Rubber suit sci fi ROCKS. Especially Dr. Who.

  5. Dr Who is classic, not to mention hi quality compared to some of the stuff I've seen lately. Get a chance check out a flick called Dark Rising. So cheesy that it's required to have wine and crackers on hand while watching. The babes ain't bad tho.

  6. I've watched both those shows when I've been bored.

    Did you ever see the Cheaters episode when the guy they were spying on knifed the host?

  7. Cripes, another whack job. What am I saying, already knew that about lightning