Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello World, Take 2

Lafayette, je me suis retourné.

I stopped writing this blog some little while ago - mostly because I was enraptured with the grand potential of social networking sites like Facebook and I preferred a conversation to a monologue. Well shit - I won't be making that mistake again.

In the meantime my dear friend Josie has started a poker blog, and due to her skill at poker, her engaging and breezy writing style, and her ability to paint a line of bullshit down the highway that's a thousand miles long, it's become quite popular in a short amount of time. I have become a minor player in this blog, most often known as "Jew Boy," due to my being Jewish and Josie being unimaginative.

So I have decided to rechristen (or whatever the Jew Boy equivalent of a christening) this site as a poker blog, a means by which I can recount my own successes and failures at the table, and to act from time to time as a companion site to Josie's (read: glom on to her success).

It's gonna be funny, it's gonna be informative, and the insults are gonna fly all around. Keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times.

It's good to be back.


  1. Fuck, he's back!

    Do your thing dude - but companion to MY blog? Are tater-tots a companion to filet mignon? I don't think so!

    Just because you write better and are funnier than me, so what! I have cleavage!(and superior poker skills)

    Let the games begin!

  2. Josie, how dare you comment with this...mmmm, tater tots...

    No, focus! You've got your nerve, lady, you and your...mmmm, filet mignon...

    Enough! No more distractions. I'm on to your game...mmmm, cleavage...

    OK, you got me.

  3. You both suck. I can deal with that ... lol

  4. Aw Lightbulb - show me some love for a change!

  5. Hey Lightning, good to have you here. And yes, we suck.