Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Made Josie Cry Today

...but I'll let her tell you the details, if her eyes are dry.  Me, I'm too tired.


  1. I thought of you tonight. The song that played over the video montage and credits at the end of tonight's episode of Mad Men was Tomorrow Never Knows off Revolver. It's one of those songs by them that I forget until I hear it and then I'm blown away by all of the studio recording innovations it includes.

  2. And as wild and out-there as that song is, what's its central theme? "Love is all, and love is everyone."

    Well put, John. With an assist to the Tibetan Book of the Dead...

  3. I Made Josie Cry Today

    Uh, oh, this should be good.

  4. lol I guess you did!

    I should've posted "I made Gary wince with pain every time I smacked him. To hell with broken ribs!"