Monday, August 25, 2014

Well, She's Good, She's Lucky, and She's Sicilian - What Did You THINK Was Gonna Happen

Just a quick word to say that our own Very Josephine entered a WSOP satellite tourney, a $250 buy-in Ladies tournament, and finished third, for a payday of over 2500 squeeds. Then she sucked another grand or so out of the house at 21. Congratulations Jo!


  1. Dat's a my girl. Way to go.

  2. Ty Gary and Ty Koala!

    First place got a WSOP pendant though!!!! Bling!!!! Sob

  3. I watched for a short while on the live feed, but with no sound and no way to see hole cards even when they tabled them (except on the all in hands when they zoomed in on the board) it was slightly hard to enjoy. It was fun to see Josephine in her poker element though. I happened to check in just as she was eliminated and I have to say that the other two seemed to breathe a visible sigh of relief.

  4. sweet. the first 1/8 of grape ape is on her. just joking . i like sour diesel