Friday, March 29, 2013

A pretty weak week

First things first: I'm doing ok. My neurologist is tweaking my meds because he thinks that what I'm taking to regulate my cholesterol is making me fatigued and with no stamina. I hope this comes to something; I'm pretty sick of having just no energy.

Secondly, and I don't really want to dwell on this too much, but it appears as if my friendship with Josie, whom you may remember, is over. I won't go into the details but we each said and did some things that we both regret - well, certainly I regret things for my part; I can't speak for her, and really don't want to. Suffice to say that I'm a little hurt, a little angry, and what I'm getting instead of apology or even explanation is attitude and lip.

Part of the Crafty Southpaw 2.0 experiment is getting rid of the complicating and negative elements of my life, and if that means having no more contact with a friendship that was over a decade long, then so be it. I'm sure I'll miss her at some point, but that point has not yet arrived.

In other news, my general practitioner and my neurologist are of two differing opinions on how to best manage my care. Neuro wants a stress test; GP thinks that's not the best use of time or resources. I told neuro that I had a family history of cardiac issues; he seemed to think that all the more reason to have the test. So I have that to dread in the coming week.

In other other news, it seems that the family gums have finally lost the ability to hold most of my teeth, and I'm having yet another batch removed and having an alveoplasty, a scraping of the bone in my jaw to make for better adhesion for a partial plate. I was told to expect pain in no small quantity. Hey, that should match the emotional pain of this fucking Josie thing perfectly.

Not a good week for the kid.


  1. Well, you know I am in your corner, bro -- even when you tried to be a dick to me in chat. Freaking amateur taking on a pro ... huge FAIL. lol

    I'd speculate that Josie was short with you, but that just doesn't seem to have the same humor it used to. Almost any gap can be bridged if both people are willing. Give it time.

    1. I tell you, lightning, this time it's different. This smells permanent to me. I suppose if she apologized really good - and meant it - then we could go forward, but without getting into things on this forum too much, I don't see it happening. You know her - stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.

  2. Sorry to hear about this, in all its parts. At least we're finally experiencing some warmer weather. Getting outside in the sun will make you feel better.

    Maybe you and your missus could get together with me and my missus sometime, eh?

  3. i miss Josie too, had she still been around, i probably wouldnt be dealing with the guy who sent the piss

  4. Sorry to hear about the Teeth - Bone Scraping is no joke.
    You're all like "this shit ain't bad" and then the anesthesia wears off and you're like "where the fuck are the pain meds - Give me higher doses and give me MOAR!!"

    As far as the whole Josie thing - you two have been friends for a long time - true friendships have a way of working things out even if it takes more time than usual.

    Wish you the best of luck in all categories that you typed on above!

  5. Sorry to hear about your various health issues but it does still seem that you are doing ok considering, hopefully these are minor blips on the road to recovery.

    Regarding Josie, that is very disturbing and I feel bad for you. I'm really sorry. I can't really say too much since I know there are two sides to every story, but that said, it is very disappointing that she would break you with at this particular time in your life.

    Going through what you did and what you are still facing, it is really terrible that a good friend such as Josie was would abandon you at this time. You really need your close friends the most right now, it would help your recovery.

    Josie is obviously acting rather strange these days. She stopped blogging and has all but disappeared from the internet. I see she makes the occasional comment on some blogs, but never my own....don't know what that's all about--not that I would ever put myself in the same category with her as you. Except maybe now, since she's ignoring us both!

    Anyway, I had a similar experience as you, tho. During a particular bad spell for me, where some major, major bad things were happening, my best friend of nearly 40 years decided to treat me like shit and basically end our friendship, for no even remotely good reason. It was really devastating to me and it's taken a long time to recover. But Josie and you splitting so soon after your stroke reminds me of that, and it is very distressing and confounding. I feel for you, Gary.

    Best to you, hopefully things will start looking up!

  6. Jesus Christ Gary you're looking for the sympathy vote once again. And I'm sure you don't want to give details...Like how I had to call the frigging police on you. And no I'll never apologize for that. You might think that was over kill on my part but I do not. FUCK you. How's that for lip?

  7. The email I sent you - PRIVATELY - sums up my feelings well enough. And just real classy, airing our shit out on this forum. I go out of my way to leave out ugly details and this is the thanks I get. Typical you. Well since we're going into specifics, how's this: the fucking cops LAUGHED at your drunk ass when they got there. All I had to do was show them the bruise and they almost arrested YOU. But I doubt you remembered that.

    Next time - as if there'll BE a next time - maybe you'll be a better judge of what is or is not the right thing to say and do. But you know what? I fucking doubt it. And by the way, YOU calling ME a sympathy whore is like Hitler calling Mussolini a bad person. You fucking hypocrite.

  8. You're insane, you know that? I'm the one airing shit? Is this my blog? Did I write this post?

    And you're lucky all you got was a bruise. I should've kicked you in the balls. And yeah I was were the one who kept buying rounds. Ugh...I'm done with you.

  9. I'm the one who kept buying rounds? I was drinking Diet Coke - my next drink could be my last - and it was YOU who kept ordering those $12 stupid peach vodka things on MY nickel. And all I was trying to do was try to pour you into my car to get you home to your fucking family. Believe me, it wasn't the alcohol that made you think otherwise - it was your incessant, desperate need to believe that the whole world wants to get you in bed. Don't flatter yourself lady; you've never been my type. I like my women attractive.

    I knew you had a temper but I never realized what kind of a hateful, vindictive person you could be, if you put your mind to it. And remember, it was YOU who made the details public. I'm just defending myself.

    1. Holy cow! I am catching up, so I already know what is really going on, but this is one hella funny response. I literally laughed out loud at: "Don't flatter yourself lady; you've never been my type. I like my women attractive."

  10. This is what I imagine would have become of my comment section had I talked about Carmel during our "Hate Each other" pahase

  11. "Almost any gap can be bridged if both people are willing."

    Quite a gap there, and doubtful that the combatants are willing at this point ...

    Do you really want to air the dirty laundry out here? I'd just delete some of the comments.

    Sorry, but this just makes me sad.