Sunday, January 1, 2012

Auld Lang Sausages with the Very Josies

Spent New Year's Eve with Very Josie & the contents of her house.  Ursa Sucrosum had a friend over, let's call him "Bailey," he had a perfect Justin Bieber do, so when I wasn't calling him "boy," I called him Justin. Jo told Tootsie and me to come hungry, so we did, and we weren't disappointed.  She put out a cold cut plate (with real deli meats like mortadella), the best sausage and peppers I've had in forever, and a dozen other snacky little this-n-that's that kept Toots and me grazing contentedly all night.

I set up her Kindle, which in truth was not a strenuous effort.  I suppose she coulda done it herself but I'm glad she didn't - being known as the resident technology wonk not only gives me a sense of worth, but also feeds me nicely. And really, it had been a month or more since I'd clapped eyes on Josie, so whereas it's not my favorite thing to be invited someplace just to work on someone's electronics, this one definitely worked in my favor; I spent maybe ten minutes working the Kindle groove and six hours eating, playing games, and laughing with Josie like I haven't laughed in a long time.  And yes, she really did get good and shnockered which made her laugh at my jokes even more.

We left around one, tired but well-fed. I was the designated driver so Toots got a little liquored up and - I swear to God - became the life of the party. She had everyone laughing, which I just cannot convey how unusual that is.

One of my resolutions is to maybe work a little harder on my relationships, especially with my best girl Josie. I get in these ruts where I just want to disconnect from the world and not care about anyone or anything, and after tonight I realize that the loss is mine, nobody else's.

Anyways, Happy New Year, everyone.  Thanks for reading me over the year. And here's hoping that 2012 is a damn sight better than 2011 was.


  1. LOL Thank you my dear for everything...I hadn't seen you in a while and Tootsie in forever. My cheeks were hurting from laughing too much.

    Oh and I have a kindle AND YOU DON'T. I am soooo techy.

  2. It was my pleasure, angel. We had a great time and you sure do have a nice Kindle. And yes, mine died and I am indeed Kindle-less.

    But since you shoved that fact in my face, I must bring out the big guns: I'm younger than you, always will be.