Sunday, December 11, 2011

Couple of Updates and a chuckle

Update 1:

I know how you feel, my brother

I was going over some old posts recently and I happened on a post that indicated I would tell you about my attempts to parlay a small amount of money into a larger one on one of the few online sites where I was allowed to play.  Sorry to keep you in the dark but - and I know this will come as a galloping shock to you - I busted out fairly soon after my hubristic predictions of success.  I wish at this late date I could remember the details but I don't.  I don't recall a horrific bad beat so I'm guessing what took me down was either lack of cards or lack of talent.  It's 6:5 and pick 'em as to which it was.

Update 2:

If ever there were a picture that didn't need a caption, c'est ceci.

 I received my first defeat in Scrabble in months today, at the hands of my idiot stupidhead fucktard dinkus genius brother (who else?).  However in my defense I called bullshit on the game twice, both times obviously in Hrothgar's favor.  First it wouldn't let me play "Soapdish," which would have netted me roughly a billion points, for playing on a double word score and emptying my tray.  Then it allowed Ross to play "Chevy," which I guess it allowed because it should have been double-dinged, once for being a brand name, another for being a proper name.  Those fuckers.  I hate Chevy cars too.  So there, you dickbags.

And finally your weekend chuckle:  Do a google image search for "slutty around the edges" and check out the first picture of a girl that you see.

Happy Sunday all! F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L- goooooooooooo FOOTBALL!!

Auf Wieder Sehen.


  1. "And finally your weekend chuckle: Do a google image search for "slutty around the edges" and check out the first picture of a girl that you see."


  2. Thank you thank you. Truly, I've never been prouder

  3. Thanks man, sincerely. To you guys as well.

  4. Eh,kwitcherbitchen:
    chev·y   [chev-ee] verb, chev·ied, chev·y·ing, noun, plural chev·ies. British
    verb (used with object)
    1. to chase; run after. harass; nag; torment.

    You neglect to mention that you've won 8 of the last 9 games against me. It's the ONE loss you have to whinge about? Hands up--who feels sorry for Gary here?