Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey, how about me!

So I entered a tournament that apparently was half-bloggers, half-pros, or something like that. It was brought to my attention from Josie, who was really looking forward to it. "I'm gonna try really hard not to stink," she says to me.

I wasn't going to enter it; I've really lost faith in my poker skills lately. The less I play, the worse I do, so I play less, blah blah blah. So I wasn't looking forward to displaying my shitty-ass game in front of people who know me. But then Bammer put out the word that he needs people - warm meat - so I thought about it a while and threw my hat in.

And then I forgot about it!! I didn't remember that I'd enrolled in the god damned thing until 9:38 - by which time I was blinded down to about 950 in chips. But I got a couple of well-timed good hands, got lucky and spiked a two-outer for a lot of dough, and more or less clamped down tight when I didn't have position or a hand. At one point I was chip leader, but that didn't last.

Two bad plays: UTG with pocket 7's. Put in a standard raise, got called by MemphisMojo to my left (who ended up bubbling) and raised all in by Joanne, who was to my right. I folded, thinking that at least one of them had me, but it turned out they both had high cards, and the board flopped a 7 so I would have either knocked them out or crippled them.

Second bad play, I was up against BuddyDank with AJ - put in a big bet, got raised huge. Decided to call but to my horror clicked the fold button! But if Danko told me the truth he had AA and so had me criggity-friggin-crushed, so I'll call that lucky.

But that did put me down to 5 or 6 blinds or so, so I went in with a dry ace and got beat by - get this - a straight flush. Nothing like killing a fly with a sledgehammer.

So anyway, I came in 4th, cashed to the tune of $42. I understand that BamBam and PokerWit threw in some extra money for the pot - so, thanks to you both. As a token of gratitude I'm adding you to my blogroll (which, when combined with 99 cents gets you a fountain drink at Circle-K, but that's all I got).

Anyway, there you go. Fun AND profitable: That's why I love poker.


  1. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Sun shines on a dog's ass once in a while.

    A hungry dog will heat hot pepper. (wait maybe that doesn't apply here)

    Congrats on the cash. :)

  2. Nice cash. Me, I left a soft 1-2 table at Mohegan Sun to make the game only to go out around 29 or so. So it goes.

  3. 1. Never thought I'd see the day when Wolfie said something nicer than Josie.

    2. I'm sure you mean "eat" red pepper, not "heat" it. You're so pretty! Your recall is just grand.

  4. "wolfie said something nicer than josie".

    That's not a hard thing to do! Loserface!

  5. Great job, Gary. Congrats on the cash.