Monday, June 7, 2010

This whole God affair

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The main body of this post started life as a comment but grew too large to fit there (much like its author).

I quit! I swear to God, I'm not posting.

JUST KIDDING! Coop, man, we still miss you. In a short time you've become a part of my blog


list, so really, give it a think!

And, lest ye think otherwise, no controversy connected with my previous post to speak of - lots of comments relative to a Sunday posting, some really good discussion, so it's all good.

On that subject, my pal Lightning and I swapped some ideas about one's belief systems. Lightning, man, I have to tell you this: you're a man of pretty deep faith, and despite our differing opinions I find the level and purity of your faith pretty damned touching.

In fact, let me say for your comfort that God will be back - at least within the narrow confines of this little chucklefest yer readin' here. In fact, I suspect the Groovy One, Blessed be He, will more or less frequent Blogger Gary and his downstairs shithole.

If there is a God, people must just suck up to that cat all the damn time, right? Gets His ass kissed a lot by the Great Unwashed, don't you think? I gotta figure that He liked getting his little dressing-down - thought it a bit refreshing. So sure, I think that when God has a bug up His Magnified and Sanctified ass, He'll knock on my screen door and have a cup of tea with ol' Gar. And just maybe when The Crafty Southpaw has a comment or concern, he'll put on the kettle and company will show up, as it always seems to when you start the water boiling.