Sunday, March 20, 2011

What the fuck was that??

I just played the most oddly-formatted game I think I've ever played. 1500 in chips, that's normal. Blinds start at 10/20, that's normal too. Three-minute blinds, not so much. Apparently the coordinators (who earn my gratitude for taking it all on) wanted to structure a super-turbo, with 300 chips, but shot a little short of the mark.

My only real thought was, gotta hit the gas a bit, because the blinds are gonna be too big too soon for any kind of subtlety. As it happened I didn't even have to; I think the fourth or fifth hand I looked down at pocket queens. Twoblackaces called with AK, caught on the flop, and I was officially the first sorry sonofabitch out of the tourney.

I will say this: Not a fan of the fast-blind format. But it was a little bit of fun, and the hand I lost, like a trip to the moon on gossamer wings, was just one of those things.

So until next time, please remember this little rhyme: Blinds of 20 minute, or I ain't friggin in it.

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