Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally, some hard data to work with

(All together, now: "That's what SHE said!")

So this may be a little too early for any real data analysis but I've played a hand or three since my first HEM reports so I thought I'd share with you what looks like a pretty significant turnaround in my fortunes.


Tourneys: 87
ROI: -31.3%
ITM %: 36.8%

Earnings: $-339.65
&/hr: $-10.08
Avg Duration: 23.5 minutes

Summed up in one word: GRIM. Maybe two words: FUCKING GRIM.

AFTER MARCH 6, 2011:

Tourneys: 27
ROI: 47.5%
ITM %: 40.7%

Earnings: 144.67
%/hr: $7.82
Avg. Duration: 41.1

Sure, kind of a small data pool, but it looks like a pretty decent turnaround. I'm lasting longer in tourneys, winning more often, and more money when I do. Really, it shows improvement by any indicator. BUT: $7.82 an hour? Not enough. ITM% not increased enough for my liking. Lots of work to be done.

I don't think I have enough data to glean value from a starting-hand-centric view of the data; currently the highest-yielding hand is A8o and the worst-yielding hand is A8s. So I'm sure there are some things to smooth out in the data. But as soon as I get them I will let you know.

Until next time, please remember how grateful I am to HEM, to the dude that made me aware of it, and the genuine good will of those people who help my cause with good advice and sincere encouragement. It's appreciated.


  1. Awesome turnaround. I think it indicates a big improvement. HOWEVER not to be a doom sayer or anything but.. a 47% ROI is not sustainable. Really good MTT/SNG players have far less ROI and make money in the volume they play. Anyway excellent turn around and I do think you have improved a ton.. just keep in mind that statistics will even out in the long run and you will make money by playing more games and higher stakes once your bankroll grows to accommodate it.

  2. No worries ever being the voice of doom Waffles, you're being honest which is exactly what I need.

    Thanks for the advice. And yes, as soon as I increase my bankroll increase to the extent it needs to I'll be climbing up in stakes.