Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Night Badugi

Thanks to Wolfie for reminding me that I need to schedule this Badugi tournament afresh every week. I'm sure I'm just missing some feature that lets me set up some kind of recurring thing, some option I'm just glossing right over as I set it up. Either way, there is definitely Badugi tonight, at 9:30. You need to be a part of my home game club to join:

(If you don't have pokerstars, get it, then:)

Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab
- Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button
- Enter my Club ID number: 375347
- Enter my Invitation Code: southpaw

From there it'll be a short delay whilst your name is submitted for approval. You'll get an email back saying you're in. This is a one-time process; once through this nonsense you'll be ok for the future.

So far it's a cozy three: Wolf, Josie, and me. Oh, speaking of which, those burned by Jo's April Fool's work today (a CLASSIC, DB; well done), be comforted by the fact that I got her back, in a small way. This is a paraphrase of an email thread between us today:

Gary: You badugi-izing this evening? Puh-leeeeeze?
Jo: Well, ok. I fucking hate Badugi. You'll need to transfer me some money though.
(Editor's note: I know this is because she never uses her PS account, but I saw my chance and I was taking it)
G: Screw that shit. What, I have to pay you to play my tournament? You know what? I'll pass. I don't need your goddamn support to the extent I have to pay for it.
J: I'm doing no such thing - I said I'd ship it back if I won...
G: APRIL FOOL!! I'll ship you the money.
J: OMG you totally got me! Sheesh!

Anyway, there you go, a little funny funny today. In return, please join us if you want to sharpen up your Badugi-dar. It's $5 and a lot of fun.

So until next time, please remember that Loki, Norse god of mischief and practical jokes, was really Sicilian, and had the cutest little moustache... hahaha that's a two-fer.


  1. omfg 1. you are pathetic and 2. i'm playing this fucking game.

    free money people! I don't know how to play this.

  2. 1, I've been called worse by better, and 2, careful jo, you remember what happened the last time someone at our table got called pathetic?