Friday, April 15, 2011

What I will miss, and what I won't


  • The inexorable, (relatively) inexpensive honing of my poker skills, which had finally progressed to the point where I could SEE progress and results
  • The ability, if I want, to spend 45 minutes playing 2-7 lowball triple draw at a full table
  • The ability, if I want, to do the above in my underwear, scratching places that most cardrooms would not permit to be scratched
  • The Mookiedank, the Very Josie, the Booze Cruise, and the nascent Badugimania
  • Approximately $300 that exists in my FT and PS accounts, likely to be confiscated and confusticated, macerated and masticated, axed and taxed, forfeited and bullshitted.
  • The people who make up this tiny corner of the Intertubes, people whom I've never met yet towards whom I feel genuine warmth and friendship. In this respect by the way I have had more luck than any donkey-ass fishcake motherfucker has any right to deserve. No wonder it's coming to an end


  • Josie. I'll still see her every Wednesday - especially if there's going to be no more online poker, our home game will be it except for the odd sojourn up to Seabrookistan
  • Calling a donkey's all-in with the nut straight only to have the board come four clubs giving the hand to the donk
  • Being called in a panic to diagnose what's wrong with a microphone ten minutes before a BDR appearance is scheduled to start
  • A laptop on my lap for three straight hours, heating my gonads beyond the point where they serve as anything but a convenient repository for cheese
  • Two words: BUBBLE BOY
  • Being distracted by speculating as to whether or not an opponent with a big-titted bombshell avatar isn't in reality a dude living out a fantasy or worse yet someone who thinks that a cartoon icon with big cartoon tits is a distraction
  • 20-year-old know it alls who sit at a $5 table and spew about EV and VPIP and call big bets with second pair deuce kicker and explain why MY bet was stupid
I hope this isn't the end. God help me, I really don't.

Until next time, let's hope there's a next time.

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