Sunday, August 21, 2011

Money for Nothing

And your chips for free...

Let me just say, I recommend staking a good poker player quite highly if you want to increase your bottom line. Especially if that poker player is a damn good one - that helps a great deal.

Last night Very Josie and I settled up the "paperwork" for my investment of a piece of her. When it was all said and done I had a great big pile of money that I didn't have before, and once again Josie demonstrated that her arithmetic skills were better than mine.

I used a bunch of different methods to figure out how much I was entitled to (tax implications make the transaction a more difficult prospect than it would otherwise be), but the funny thing was this: Jo slapped a few numbers together and came up with a number. I spent a tortured half-hour working scenario after scenario and came up with a few dollars more on this one, a few dollars lesson that one, one pretty much right on the nose. All I really had to do was trust Josie's head for numbers and it would have saved me a great big headache.

And there's something else too that I need to say: Josie isn't hurting for money. She didn't need anyone buying a piece of her. She let me stake her because if she won it would mean a windfall for me. I make a lot of jokes at Jo's expense but she really is a good friend - maybe the best friend I have - and I won't forget this kindness.


  1. Trust Auntie Josie! Glad we both won!

  2. Don't forget to declare on your 2011 tax return now that you have made this public. Big brother might be watching ...

  3. Technically speaking, J paid the tax on the whole thing and made me a small gift of the money. That's why we had to do some gazintas regarding the tax implications. So I pay no tax. Thanks for your concern on behalf of the federal Government though.

  4. Sorry I reported you to the IRS. My bad.

  5. hahahahahahaha!!!
    That really is pretty damned funny...