Friday, August 19, 2011

Just Got a Call from Josie...

...she's in the money already, there are 22 people left in a tourney that started with about 300 or so, and she's got about 2x the average stack size. To sum up this summing up, she's doing great.

A propos of nothing, it strikes me that if she makes the final table or so, she could make enough money so that my 1/3 stake in her action could actually represent the most money I've ever won in the poker world. This thought is both thrilling and embarrassing as hell.

Good thoughts towards Foxwoods and Auntie Jo, people!


  1. I bring up the notion of staking her and you collect. Just doesn't seem kosher ... or Italian ...

  2. Actually it seems completely kosher AND Italian, if you think about it... but I'm not 100% certain you put the thought of buying a piece of Josie into either one of our heads.

  3. Just ship my share to Paypal. lol

  4. Hmmm...well, just stick by your email and wait for the confirmation. Might be a while!