Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Finally Get a Piece of Josie

No, you fucking pervs, not like that. I'm staking Josie to the tune of 1/3. To me it was an easy decision. Not to make any unnecessary equine metaphors, but Jos is a horse I can back. I've known her long enough to recognize that look in her eye she gets when the Sicilian comes out to the front. She's locked in, and I expect her to make a nice long run - and am putting my money where my mouth is. It's a standard deal: I'm covering 1/3 of her buyin and am getting 1/3 of any winnings, minus some miscellany expenses we agreed upon.

I'm staking Josie. Get it??

So until next time, please remember that when (if) you root for Auntie Jo to make a nice deep run, you're also rooting for the Crafty Southpaw to feather his nest.


  1. Finally, a little color on your blog!

    We're gonna win!

    Um, has the mail come in yet?

  2. Be careful -- she has been known to burn more than one piece of prime meat.

  3. Good advice Light - but, er, did you just refer to me as a piece of prime meat?

    Do you have something to tell me? Not like there'd be anything wrong with that...