Sunday, January 9, 2011

Road Trip to Seabrook

Today Very Josie and I went up to the Seabrook (NH) Poker room for a $100 deep-stack tourney and a bitchin pistachio muffin.

I was almost completely card dead. No aces, kings, queens, or jacks, one pair of tens that got me the blinds, no AK, and two AQ, one of which I chopped with seat two who also had AQ.

I did what I could but you can only do so much with no cards. I did parlay pocket nines to nines full of jacks which got me to just about triple up, but the blinds got big, and I kept getting nothing after nothing after nothing. Finally I jammed with a medium ace with my last (I think) 7 BB's or so, and ran up against kings - and that was the story of me. 27th out of 60, not even close to cashing after three hours of poker.

I'll let Josie tell her tale but I'll just say that I was proud of her play. She caught a couple of bad beats in a row and was left with less than 1/2 of a BB, then clamped down and doubled up 4 times, buying her enough time to make the final table.

After poker was over we went to a Chinese restaurant we both like and were treated to a couple (think Murph the bricklayer and Barbie) having a serious conversation about their relationship
RIGHT UNDERNEATH THE GODDAMN TV WHERE THE GAME WAS ON. So watching the game felt like we were eavesdropping on their conversation, which we of course were.

So to sum up my snakebitten streak at Seabrook continues, but it was a lot of fun, as poker with my pal Jo always is.

By the way, if you perceive that the general tone of my last couple of posts lacks the usual vitriol, it does. Been doing some thinking and I reckon I'm done with "the needle." The people that read this blog are people I respect or like or love and I'm done insulting them for a cheap laugh, even if they know I'm kidding. No more room in my life for that kind of Karma. Nothing but positivity from here on out. If you don't like that, I respectfully invite you to stop reading.

Until next time, please remember that you can get more flies with honey than with vinegar - and it's certainly better in tea.


  1. That pistachio muffin was frigging great. Fun time!

  2. Does that mean no more conversations about Waffles' noodle?

  3. Did someone mention Waffles' noodle? :)

  4. Just parenthetically, wouldn't it be great if he were Belgian? Too many puns to process...