Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank you, Noodles and Ass-Chin

Hey, guess what: The Crafty Southpaw won the Mookie last night!

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Really, it was more or less ABC poker until it came down to 3-handed. NYRambler had 21,800, I had 8,500, and Lightning had 2,300. Around five hands in, lightning pushes with J7s on the button. I'm holding A9o. I think about it for a while, then call. The ace on the turn assured my victory.

So now it's heads up between NYR, who has just over 20 large, against me who has a spooge over 11K.

The whole heads-up dealio was four hands. The two big ones were both over 10,000 pots.

On the first one I was holding A5o, and the flop generously gave me two pair. Regarding NYRamber, I kind of figured him out so I was confident about how to bet for maximum value. By the time I three-bet the turn all in,and he folded, he had over 5,000 chips in the middle. That was yummy.

The yummiest hand though was the last one - isn't it always? - when I found AJh out of position. NYR as dealer raised to 900 (std raise). I re-raised to 2400, NYR shoved and I called like a shot. My AJ was great against his - wait for it - K3o. Not only did my ace hold up but it improved on turn and riv with an A J for two pair to win it.

So that was it, a pretty standard end-game. So: who are Noodles and Ass-chin, and why do they deserve the thanks? Because...they cancelled on our home game and there weren't enough to continue, so I stayed home and Mookie'd up for the first time in a while.

So now I have a win and a place. I think that makes the Mook profitable for me. I dunno, I'll have to think about that.

Until Next Time.

PS Speaking of home games, make sure if you haven't already to read part one of a short story I'm writing. The first three installments are already written, so hopefully this will push me to finish it.


  1. You stole enough chips from me near the end, mofo, so I am at least glad you won. Congrats!

  2. Lightning, thanks buddy, but I don't remember stealing anything off you. I remember having you dead with a pocket pair against your queen high when the river counterfeited my pair to give you the backdoor win...that counts as a steal against, yes?

  3. Congrats mi Dolce!!

    See you next week, I hope! Don't wanna lose you to the Mookie every week!