Thursday, October 21, 2010


Josie does indeed smell delish.


  1. Like your report is supposed to convince us. Hell, we all know you're one of her biggest suck ups. Either that or she threatened you.

  2. Wolfie, Wolfie, Wolfie.

    Wolfie, Wolfie, Wolfie Wolf Wolfie.

    Will you never learn? It is just ugly for a man of your age to start an adolescent flame war. Are you the guy who goes onto REM fan boards and posts "Michael Stipe is queer?"

    What you call "being her suck-up" is really "being her friend out here in the real (non-blog) world, sitting next to her every Wednesday night, and, in the case of THIS Wednesday night, her extending her arm under my nose so that I could smell her, um, deliciosity." Sure, your term is shorter, but what it lacks in accuracy more than cancells out its brevity, which obviously I could learn from, but no matter, no matter.

    I will say this at the last: When a girl is all perfumed up and offers a body part to sniff, motherfucker you sniff that shit. And if it makes your tum do little cartwheels, like good-smelling women do, then she smells delish. Period. And that's exactly what happened.

    Also, good call on her threatening me.

  3. Thanks Gary. You're the best. I'm officially sorry for all the insults I threw your way last night.

    Wolfie will be the focus of future threats. :P

  4. So what else is new. And boy do you have him trained well :->

  5. Wolfie? Da Man? He's hardly A man, let alone Da man.

    J/K Wolfie. I know you got this curmudgeon persona workin. Remember when I stepped to you because I really thought you were a bastard?

    And Lightning, I don't need Josie to train me - I've been married to the same woman for sixteen years, who has trained me PLENTY. And don't try to give me any bullshit about you NOT being trained!

  6. Curmudgeon persona? Not really a bastard? I'll have you know that I am the genuine article on all counts. Well maybe not the bastard part as Mom and Dad's anniversary comes up a year and 3 weeks before my birthday.

  7. Gary, one of many differences between us is that I am the trainer, not the trainee.

    We can already see that Josie has you completely trained. I shudder to think about hearing you with your woman...

    ... "Gary? Get me something to eat -- NOW!!!"

    with a lispy, defeated voice, "Yeth dear, anything you thay, honey."

    Unfortunately, I won't have as much time as I'd like to properly train Josie while in Las Vegas in December. I'll try to at least make some progress, however ...

  8. @Lightning, re: being the trainer, my ass. But my training was along the lines of "It's a wedding, for Chrissake, wear a tie," and other such minutiae about which you were trained so long ago that you don't even remember.

    And regarding your imagining regarding my interaction with Toots (And I LOVE how much I'm in your head), let me put it into perspective for you: During a 10-month period of voluntary unemployment, I have cooked exactly two meals. I'm nobody's step-and-fetchit man, my wife's least of all.

  9. Get yer azz to Las Vegas in December. First drink is on me. : o )

  10. And I'll buy the second if your woman lets you have that many.

    Lightening, didn't know you were headed out. Have my plans made but now waiting to see how big an entourage is following me out before I finalize. Tentative is Harrah's from Wed to Mon. with the Geisha Bar and the tourney definites. Everything else is open except for the fact it will include some poker at both IP and Mirage. See you there.

  11. You know what? You assholes are ok.

    Wolfie, I don't drink but that has nothing to do with Toots, who does. Have a diet coke with lime and toast the Crafty Southpaw in absentia.