Saturday, October 20, 2012

Graduated to a cane

Today I worked with a cane and they're talking about making it my standard "thing," as opposed to a walker.  I'm typing with two hands, even though it slows me down, is painful, and makes me make errors.  But the process is what's important, not the immediate result.It's difficult but it's supposed to be.

My mom finally left. She was here since, like, the 4th.  I won't say "thank god" because she was a big help - but she knew when it was time to go. I'm not "in crisis" - nowhere near it - and her advice was starting to get unrelentingly negative.  I started calling her "Debbie Downer," she hated that but I think it made the point.

Well off to OT soon (arm) so I'll see you all later.

EXTRA-EXTRA -HUGE NEWS: It has happened.  I'm walking with a cane, but only supervised.  Let ring the trumpets! I'll be outta here in 12 days, tap-dancin'!


  1. Keep at it Gary, I'm glad you're getting better

  2. Yes, great news. It also seems like you have a real good attitude about the whole thing, which is essential for recovery. Good going.

  3. This is great news Gary. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.