Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some Advice, Please

Slowly, slowly, I am chasing down and plugging holes in my game - however there are still more than plenty for me to work on. The one I need your help on concerns end-game. For some reason, I let almost certain victory slip through my fingers more times than I'm comfortable remembering.

Just recently I was playing a 18'er for $10. We got down to 4-handed, and I had more chips than all my other competitors combined. And somehow I let the whole thing slip through my fingers. Yes, one hand I had AA cracked by Q10, but that happens. I feel that maybe I'm not being as much of a bully as I should, but I don't really want to keep jamming with nothing just to drain their blinds away. Am I taking my foot off their throats early?

During the main body of the game my flops played is about 17-18%, which goes up to about 22% shorthanded, and then of course around 85% when HU.

I wish I kept the hand history for analysis; it's my fault I didn't. Nevertheless, can anyone help? I'm starting to get disgusted with myself.

Until next time, please remember that I value your advice highly. Except you, Lightning. Oh, see, that was just mean, and I'm officially sorry.