Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Question for y'all

Suppose a fella wanted to play $20 SnG's all the live-long day. What should his constant bankroll be? Is $300 a good number or should I goose it higher?


  1. Gary-

    I'm a cash game player, but I understand the rules for single table SNGs are similar to cash, only more money needed. I did a post on it awhile ago: http://lowstakeshands.blogspot.com/2009/07/bankroll-management-that-i-subscribe-to.html

    Proper BRM rules are 65 Entries to avoid the risk of going belly up, 45 Entries to run a slight risk of busto and 20 Entries to run close to going busto on a bad run. Therefore, I'd recommend $1K to play all the live-long day.

  2. The Full Tilt Poker Academy agrees with Poker Meister. You need to only play games that are 2% of your bankroll. So you can play the 5.50 SNGs all the live long day. The reason for this is you WILL have times when you get strings of 20 games you do not cash and you do not want to cripple your bankroll when this happens.