Sunday, July 26, 2015

Some Disquieting News

The Twin River Casino, an asta-gad big-boy casino and entertainment center situated not seven miles from my house, is opening up a 16-table poker room.

May god have mercy on my wicked soul.


  1. You will either get rich or go broke. Which will it be?

  2. Well, if it's only 7 miles away, you are required to go check it out -- it's a federal law or something, no?

  3. @Lightning, my game has so much rust on it it's like a '74 Pinto. My money is on it not being my money for very long, until I round back into form.

    @Mojo, I plan to check it out early and often. It's not a Federal Law, but it is a Federal Suggestion.

    @Tony, real soon, perhaps less than a month.