Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Morning Joke

This guy wakes up one morning,and staggers to the bathroom, where he looks in the mirror and sees this little red raised bump right in the middle of his forehead. He puts some alcohol on it and forgets about it.

Next time he's in the bathroom it's only four hours later but the bump has elongated and has a bright red tip to it. He starts thinking about it, so that he can't get any work done. He ducks in the bathroom an hour later just to look at it and to his horror that it's taken on the appearance of a tiny penis, just jutting out of his forehead.

He's so spooked that he goes home from work and gets an appointment at the doctor's office the very next morning. By that time it was unmistakably a penis, and almost an inch long already. He drives to the doctor's office in a near panic.

The Doctor examines him and says, "Well sir, this is exactly what you think it is; you're going to have a penis out of the middle of your forehead, and we can't operate."

"Oh my God!" the guy says. "Are you telling me that every morning for the rest of my life, when I look in the mirror I'm going to see this stupid penis on my forehead?"

"Oh, you won't see it," the doctor says. "The balls will droop over your eyes."


  1. Balls uneffected my steriod use, I imagine.

  2. Balls uneffected by steriod use, I imagine.